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Let’s try again

I have been trying to kick off a blog so I can detail some of the work I have been doing for some time, but every time I get started, just the act of actual blogging is getting in the way. Not sure what attempt number this is, but perhaps it will take. Using Github pages this time, and Jekyll. I am using Dillinger for the editting in a browser, so I can see the markup changes in real time. Once I get more famillar with it, I will probably switch over to just editing my posts in vim.

What I hope to cover ?

Everything related to the work I am doing for clients. Currently that is software development, and systems operations. Where they come together we try and make them overlap. Ops needs development best methodologies, and Dev needs to be able to have siloed ops infrastructure that matches production for development. This is where most of my focus is currently.

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